About Us


Since its establishment in 2008, Newergies Kft. has been dealing with the full implementation of high-performance PV systems. During this time, we have installed more than 100 MWp of renewable energy capacity, typically for industrial consumers and other entrepreneurs investing in solar parks. We are a one-stop-shop for design, authorization processes and execution, but we also provide in-house resources for tender writing and expert services to ensure our clients get their projects implemented as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Our headquarters are in Budapest, but we have sites in several parts of the country and we have an established network of connections with all the electricity providers, so we can install small solar power plants with nationwide coverage.

We specialize in the implementation of power plants larger than 100 kWp, up to capacities of several MWps, since this segment requires a high level of experience in the complexity of power supply, construction and overall power plant licensing, and large construction teams providing quality work.

Our corporate group also has a number of solar parks of its own, which ensures a long-term, 20–25-year market presence, that guarantees future availability and accessibility for our customers.

Why choose Newergies Kft.?

  • we have over 14 years of experience in the industry
  • we specialize in the construction of industrial and commercial power plants
  • we provide nationwide coverage
  • we have excellent connections with all electricity supply distributors
  • we provide a comprehensive service package from a single source
  • we provide a 5-year contractor’s guarantee
  • we install only premium equipment
  • we provide high quality documentation for tender compliance
  • we will still be available 15 years from now
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