Energy Storage

Energy storage systems

In order for a consumer in the small power plant category to achieve an annual energy replacement of more than 20-40% with solar panels, it is essential to integrate energy storage systems into the development. There are storage technologies already available that can ensure economical and reliable long-term operation of over 10-25 years.

In addition, energy storage systems not only have storage capability, but can also provide uninterruptible power supply (UPS), which can further enhance a company’s security of energy supply and smooth operation.

In addition, the installation of storage capacity becomes almost mandatory from August 2022, as all new weather-dependent plant units above the capacity of 50 kVA will be required to have a weather-independent capacity reserve (aFRR) of 30% of the connection power. This 30% power must be provided by the installed aFFR equipment for at least two hours.

Newergies Kft. can provide assistance in the implementation of several energy storage technologies depending on the needs of the consumers.

Vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB)

For those looking for reliable high-efficiency energy storage capacity for over 20-30 years, we offer the electrolyte liquid technology of Vanadium Redox Flow with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty. For this product line, storage capacities of 1000 kWh, 2000 kWh or multiples of these are available. A huge advantage of this technology is that it can be charged and discharged infinitely, and the efficiency of the system will not be reduced over its more than 25 years’ life.

The technology has high safety features, it is not a fire or explosion hazard, and much of the system is fully recyclable. The manufacturer also offers a buyback guarantee in case the customer wishes to discontinue the operation of the storage.

Available types:

  • FB-250: the rated power output is 250 kW, but can provide continuous power up to 500 kW. This system is available with storage capacities of 1000 kWh and 2000 kWh
  • FB-500: the rated power output is 500 kW, but can provide continuous power up to 1000 kW. This system is available with storage capacity of 2000 kWh
  • For higher power or capacity requirements, these units can be expanded in modularly. The manufacturer plans to launch its range of smaller modules from 2023, enabling it to provide storage solutions to smaller energy-consuming companies.

Lithium iron phosphate technology

For those consumers who prefer lower power systems, we can offer Lithium-ion modular systems. For this product type, a range of sizes is available from a smaller cabinet version up to a 40-foot container size, making it easy to tailor the system features to the customer’s needs.

Lithium-ion based energy storage systems are available from a wide range of manufacturers at different quality levels, our company though works exclusively with the highest efficiency storage systems. The German manufacturer offers a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. And Lithium-ion storage systems are designed for 30 years of operation or 8000 discharge cycles.

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